Ceylon Cinnamon powder
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder (From Sri Lanka)
November 19, 2017
True Real Ceylon Cinnamon bulk package 10Kg Direcly from Sri Lanka
December 10, 2018

True Real Ceylon Cinnamon bulk package 5Kg Direcly from Sri Lanka

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Cinnamon is the most powerful antioxidant in nature. The Romans used it in their wines, the Hebrews in their religious rituals, now it is widely used in medical industry, both savory and sweet food and beverages.

Ceylon cinnamon is excellent solution to various health problems. Study shows that cinnamon intake can effectively lower blood sugar level. Some research has been identified cinnamon has effects on blood clotting. Cinnamon is also used to fight fungus and Bactria and some cancer prevention ability of cinnamon also identified.


ceylon cinnamon contains coumarin, a toxin which is naturally available in many foods. According to tolerable daily intake (TDI) level established by German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), regular use of over 0.1 mg coumarin per kg body weight generates health risk. Hesse, use of coumarin rich cinnamon products will generate additional health risk parallel with its health benefits.

Ceylon cinnamon is safe for daily use. It never go beyond the TDIlevel due to its ultra-low coumarin content (~0.004%). Cassia cinnamon consists of 1200 times more coumarin content over Ceylon cinnamon (~ 5%) and exceeds the TDI limit easily. In 2006, BfR has warned against regular usage of cassia cinnamon, due to its high coumarin content. Ceylon cinnamon is highly valuable over other varieties due to its ultra-low coumarin level.

When you purchase cinnamon at a local store in your country, it may be a cassia cinamon variety which is completely different product than Ceylon cinnamon. Cassia is the cheap and widely available cinnamon type. “True cinnamon” or “pure cinnamon” is actually known as Ceylon cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, it is less known to most people.

We are a Sri Lankan grower of true cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum syn. Cinnamomum verum). With this Sri Lankan website, you have a chance to trustworthy buy fresh Ceylon cinnamon sticks directly from Sri Lankan cultivation. You will receive genuine products from us. Please refer our  page for details.


  • Buy Ceylon cinnamon directly from Sri Lanka (Ceylon).
  • Not Cassia, Genuine Ceylon Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum / Cinnamomum zeylanicum).
  • Organically grown in Sri Lanka (Ceylon).
  • 100% Natural product.
  • Weedicide never used.
  • Chemical ingredients not used for refine.
  • Premium Quality.
  • No intermediate sellers. No contamination.
  • Product Type : Spice/ Ceylon Cinnamon/ True cinnamon
  • Grade: : C4-C5 Cut cinnamon
  • Packaging: : poly bag as picture
  • Size: : 5″
  • Origin: : Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
  • Shipping: : Worldwide Intn’l shipping (10-45 Days) / Worldwide Express Delivery (5-10 Days)
  • The item will ship within 2-5 days after the payment
  • Ceylon cinnamon is NOT the spice available in local stores and supermarkets. Commonly available product is Cassia cinnamon, which is a much cheaper version mostly coming from China.This product contains very low Coumarin levels than cassia cinnamon. A person daily consuming sizeable amounts of cassia-type cinnamon, it increases the risk of potential toxicity problems.

Uses of true cinnamon may lowering or actually removing this coumarin related risk.

This online marketplace is proceeding by  a cinnamon grower in Sri Lanka. Buy Ceylon cinnamon online from a trusted source is the most practical option to eliminate fake products.

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4 reviews for True Real Ceylon Cinnamon bulk package 5Kg Direcly from Sri Lanka

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    Super quality

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    Hope to do my cinnamon business with you

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    Cinnamon is super.. But shipping little delay got 25 day to reach USA

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